Focused Ultrasound Neuromodulation



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 Each day will consist of

• 2 hours of oral presentations (6 am PT - 8 am am PT) (3 pm CET—5 pm CET)(11 pm - 1 am S.Korea/Japan)

• 2 hours of poster presentations (8 am PT - 10 am am PT) (5 pm CET—7 pm CET)(1 am - 3 am S.Korea/Japan)

Oral presentations will be done in a Zoom Webinar format;

Poster sessions will be on


The symposium will be held online .... more details to follow


The abstract deadlines will be June 1 for Orals and Aug 1 for Posters.

Abstracts will be 1 page pdfs. Further submission details coming soon.

There will be prizes for the best trainee presentations. All trainees are eligible (students, postdocs, residents, fellows).


We will bring together researchers developing and using ultrasound stimulation as a tool for cognitive neuroscience and clinical applications. This symposium will have a strongly integrative and translational approach from mechanisms, to neural circuits, to applications, from engineering, to neuroscience, to the clinic.

Key dates
June 1, 2021 deadline for abstract submission for oral presentation
August 1, 2021 deadline for abstract submission for poster presentation
September 7-10, 2021 symposium


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organizers / scientific committee


Jerome investigates the neurobiological basis of adaptive behaviors in human and non-human primates. He completed a PhD in cognitive neuroscience from Lyon 1, before joining the University of Oxford. He is currently a PI at the Department of Experimental Psychology in Oxford.

Lennart Verhagen, PhD


To understand the brain and mind, and especially to advance new options in the clinic, it is as important to stimulate neural circuits as it is to measure from them. I focus my research on non-invasive imaging and modulation techniques in humans and other primates. I have a particular interest in the opportunities provided for non-invasive deep brain stimulation using low-intensity transcranial ultrasound stimulation.